How Not To Make Money Online Or Anywhere Else



Here are a few tips on how not to make money, and underneath each one, the smart thing to do instead.


1. Follow The Herd.

By the time you hear about it, it’ll probably have peaked. The time to grab a niche is looking around you, seeing what people are looking for, and giving it to them, fast.

Do your own research. Internet forums are full of the past, not the future. You can learn your trade, but not the latest trend.


2. Not Following The Herd.

Sometimes the herd is heading over a cliff. Sometimes it’s heading to green pastures. You can’t start a revolution on your own; it’s too much hard work. So find something there’s already a demand for, and find a way to offer it cheaper, faster or better. Or all three!

Tip: Exhaust internet research before starting your new career. It’s likely someone has already done what you’re thinking of, at least in part. Maybe you can walk the trail they blazed, rather than hacking your own?


3. Do Something You Dislike.

You can’t put your heart in a job you dislike. You’ll find you can’t summon the energy. The ol’ inspiration doesn’t flow. Why? Your subconscious (your heart) will not supply the energy to do something it’s against, even if the head says ‘go!’.

Solution: Take the time to find something you truly enjoy.


4. Do Something Which Doesn’t Pay Well.

Just getting by means you’ll go broke someday: one bit of bad luck, then bam!

Plenty of jobs out there which pay just enough to survive on. That’s how capitalists get rich; they make the profits, you do the legwork. You want the big bucks? Be a super salesman, or an entrepreneur; they take all the risks, so it’s only right they get the gravy.

Solution: If you want to work for someone else, and be happy, find a job that pays well. Easy!


5. Do Something You’re Not Good At.

It’s easy to be mediocre at a wide range of jobs. To be a master takes years, sometimes a lifetime.

Solution: You know you’ve got a knack for something. If it’s something you like, which can pay well, and which you’re good at, consider doing it rather than fuming in your cubicle. At the very least you’ll enjoy the ride!




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  1. Jossef

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, you also have some great article here, great blog, and i like your negative approach to this topic here in this article. good idea 🙂

  2. Brian

    Thanks for the comment Jossef. Always happy to receive some positive feedback.

    Best regards,

  3. Enstine Muki

    This is just a quick note Brian to say thank you for stopping over at my blog. I just bookmarked this post and will be back on it when I return from where I’m rushing to

    Hope to engage more and more 😉

  4. Brian

    Enstine, thanks for visiting. Your article on setting up a 404 page was helpful and I’ll be looking into that at the weekend.


  5. Katrina

    I love the straight forwardness of your blog. Most people just do what they do because they feel they have to. But doing what you enjoy… that leads to all kinds of success.

    The journey is never easy but it is so worth it! Thank you for this great post and looking forward to coming back and reading more. 🙂
    Katrina recently posted…Servant Leadership In Network Marketing

  6. Hosting

    Surprising, a question that usually prevents people from making money online is they ask the question, “How can I make money online?”

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