Network Marketing Career Expectations – The Truth Of What You Should Expect

Big thanks to Gus Irizarry for sharing the below article on the Network Marketing Career Expectations.

Gus-IrizarryNetwork Marketing like any other industry has the good and the bad, for our profession the bad simply involves people being given false hopes and expectations of what to expect from this industry. Can you really retire early? Do I really need to follow the training? Is there really fast money to be made? Is it a real business and career path? Follow along for this and more confessions from a Network Marketer on these and other Network Marketing realities. Think you can handle the truth? Read on….

Today we are going to explore some of the bad side of Network Marketing with a goal of actually turning these bad things into positives! How are we going to do that? By actually telling the truth. Spreading the truth has to start somewhere, and for those of you who stumble onto this article through your travels around the internet, you were meant to be here. The truths I am about to reveal will attract some of you, and push others away. I respect whatever path you choose to take. Just know that what you will read here will be REAL talk, not what you might be used to.

Is there really fast money to be made?

Let’s begin with the question, Is there really fast money to be made? The reality is the fast money does not happen for most people although it is possible. The reason for this is because most of us come in to Network Marketing with a lot of head trash. Most people see head trash as one specific thing, but head trash really comes from all kinds of different areas. Maybe it is problems with our own self image, maybe it is fear of what people might think of you because of your own misconceptions about Network Marketing, maybe you are a hot shot salesman in the J.O.B. world and think you can just do that here and succeed. Maybe you are just not coachable and teachable and think you can do it better than what you are being taught to do (this was me at first by the way). Maybe you just think like an employee and turned to Network Marketing because you thought it was a lottery ticket because somebody told you that was the case and you believed it, then in 2 to 4 weeks when you didn’t do much and didn’t get payed, you quit and blame Network Marketing.

Some people do make fairly quick money in Network Marketing, but for most of us it takes a little time because we don’t put the effort we should thanks to the head trash we show up with. If you come into the game willing to deal with this trash and an open mind, you can achieve quicker initial success.

Is Network Marketing real business and career path?

The next question is, Is Network Marketing a real business and career path? The answer is an absolute, YES! And because of this, you have to treat it as such to succeed. This means getting training and experience over time and growing through that training and experience, just like any other career.

Doctors go through years of training and practice for their chosen profession, but many people just won’t put even a fraction of the time into training they would into any other career into the Network Marketing profession, and if they did, the results would be astounding. Currently, most 6th grade kids put more time into learning in 6th grade alone than most Network Marketers choose to put into their entire career. I reveal this truth because if revealing it causes even just one person to take their Network Marketing career more seriously and therefore leading them to the success that comes with it, then I have accomplished my mission. Treat Network Marketing like a real, serious career. Learn and practice, learn and practice, and learn and practice some more.

Do I really need to follow Network Marketing training?

While exploring the first two questions, we have partially covered the question about training. Do I really need to follow the training? YES you do if you are serious about making money over time and succeeding. If you take your training to be a Network Marketing professional even just half as seriously as you would college or training for any other profession your results will astound you. You need to set your ego aside and be coachable and teachable. A mentor of mine told me once, “stop looking at what you think you know and look at your results. Not getting the results you want? Then you don’t know anything, and it’s time to start listening”

That sounded a little harsh to some of you didn’t it? That statement sounds harsh because it is full of real, uncensored, non-sugar coated TRUTH. It is the REAL talk I promised you would be here and it perfectly described my beginnings in Network Marketing. That statement describes me and tens of thousand of other people who have come and gone in this industry. We come into the industry, we don’t listen to and follow the training, and we don’t get results because of it. If you want results, you must listen to your trainers, and do what they teach you and more importantly, don’t do the things they tell you not to do.

Can you really retire early with Network Marketing?

Which brings us to the big question, can you really retire early with Network Marketing. The answer is a resounding YES. Will you do it with the first network marketing company you choose? Probably not, but it is possible. You see there are 2 factors here. One is of course the effort you put in and the time you spend putting that effort in, the other is the company and product itself. You see many companies and products just come and go. They are the next fad and once it runs its course then the company usually dies out. I know of only very few exceptions to this right now, such a company that started with water filters many years ago which ended up almost dying completely until it switched itself to nutritional supplements, which gave it a new lease on life. Personally, I chose a company with a product that is not a fad and will never come and go, there are only a handful of companies like that out there. If you are curious as to why my company product is not a fad and will never die, send me a message and I have a quick video that explains what makes the product and industry I am in so bulletproof.

So what should your expectations be for your actual path to retiring early if you put in the work and you are with a resilient company? It takes most people 6 to 12 consistent months to become competent and proficient. It takes 2 to 3 years for most people to replace the income they make in their normal day job, sometimes longer for higher income earners. It takes 3 to 5 years for most people to become high income earner, and it takes most people 5 to 6 ½ years to reach the top of most companies.

So what is retirement to you? Is it freedom? Meaning your residual income exceeds your residual bills? Or is it reaching the top of a company? Depending on those goals, you are typically looking at 3 to 6 1/2 years to get there. Sounds like a long time to those that want to “get rich quick”, and when put into perspective, it is a small amount of time compared to the 40 year plan in the traditional job market, isn’t it?

So there you have it, the truth about Network Marketing. Let’s elevate our profession and be part of spreading the truth. Feel free to share this article with anyone interested in our profession and let’s all make sure people coming into our profession have the correct, realistic expectations.

Wishing you success and prosperity,

Gus Irizarry



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