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About Brian

Brian Meehan is a serial entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience in building e-commerce capabilities for companies. Meehan has helped bring millions of dollars to brands and non-traditional revenue to media companies through short-form shopping content through a no-cost revenue share model. He is the co-founder and COO of Knocking, a content and commerce company for all media.


Brian is focused on helping media companies turn audiences into loyal buyers, and has worked with Cox Media Group, Meredith, Sinclair Broadcasting, Univision, ABC, CNN, Freemantle, Debmar, Bell Media and more. The e-commerce environments created, built and operated by Meehan have handled more than $2B in online transactions for many of the world’s largest media web stores, including,, ABC Good Morning America’s, ABC The View’s, and the Ellen Show’s, among others.  

Prior to Knocking, Meehan was the founder of Simplistic, one of the first Shopify Plus agencies during its inception. He was a partner at Sourcebits, Inc., which was backed by Sequoia Capital and IDG. 


Meehan is the creator of “TimeMug,” a U.S.-patented product that was sold by Target, Sharper Image, Costo, Neiman Marcus, and other retailers including QVC. Meehan’s own experiences in building products has nurtured a passion to find, create and help brands and entrepreneurs, all while providing consumers with useful and innovative shopping choices. 

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